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4 Reasons to Choose to Sell SUSE Enterprise Storage


As customers change their storage spending habits, the opportunity is ripe for resellers to include software-defined storage in their offerings in this new evolving landscape.

Market opportunity aside, taking on a new product line needs to make business sense and partners, rightly scrutinize not just the product offering but the vendor.

SUSE recognizes that shifting to sales of software-defined storage is a big move for partners.

And that’s why SUSE is sharing the risk and reward of branching out into software-defined storage with our partner community:

  1. Protecting Partner Margins

SUSE Enterprise Storage is a high-margin solution:

  • Software-only sell
  • Build appliances based off Reference Architecture
  • High services attach rate
  • High rate of repeat business 
  1. Thirty Percent Rebates

SUSE’s top-tier Solution Partners for Storage receive an unheard-of 30 percent deal registration rebate on every deal won!

  1. Free Enablement Training

We help partners get started with free sales and technical training, no matter how our partners choose to consume it:

  • Online: Self-paced learning via recorded webcasts and hands-on lab practice sessions
  • Partner academies: A combination of online learning and weekly instructor-led webinars (a blend of online and off-line learning)
  • Classroom: Face-to-face, hands-on training by SUSE Certified Instructors

Partner sales executives can be certified as a SUSE Sales Specialist in Enterprise Storage. While technical staff can work towards being certified as a SUSE Certified Administrator (SCA) in Enterprise Storage, an industry-recognised certification.

  1. Add Revenue as a SUSE Training Partner

Further revenue opportunities are available to partners who can become a SUSE Training Partner and offer SUSE Enterprise Storage training to end user customers. All training course content is prebuilt and made available to via a cost-efficient annual subscription model.

SUSE Enterprise Storage is growing from strength to strength, and now encompasses more use cases such as:

  • Enterprises with high-performance computing (HPC) systems generating vast amounts of static data
  • Financial institutions required to report on liquidity positions as part of Basel III
  • Healthcare, media, and other organizations that need to store vast amounts of unstructured data (video, images, etc.)
  • Enterprises focused on compliance solutions for meeting data protection regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

For resellers taking the plunge into software-defined storage, the SUSE Partner Program is a valuable proposition.

Understand the scale of the opportunity – read the full report, Software-defined Storage to Solve Tomorrow’s Storage Challenges.


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