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3 Ways to Make Cloud MORE Boring


May you live in interesting times.” This traditional Chinese curse has a slightly sarcastic edge. It’s really saying “may you experience much disorder and trouble in your life”.  The implication is that if you want an easier life, you need to live in peaceful, tranquil or even boring times.

We don’t live in boring times. The business world and technology environment around us is changing fast and we can’t afford to stand still. If we are going to stay competitive and cope with all the business challenges thrown in our direction, we have to keep up.  We have to be nimble and innovative. No doubt about it: We are living in interesting, exciting and challenging times!

So what’s all this about making cloud more boring?

Well, cloud computing can give your business the agility and innovative edge it needs to stay relevant. The latest hype is all around cloud-native workloads, containerized apps, hybrid cloud and DevOps. This is all the exciting stuff you can do on top of your cloud infrastructure.

But there are certain types of excitement that we boring-oregon
want to avoid. A security breach will get our pulse racing really fast and some critical downtime will certainly give us an adrenaline rush.  Some kinds of excitement we can do without, right? And we all want to sleep well at night.

The truth is our cloud infrastructure actually needs to be boring. It needs to be reliable, dependable and secure. It needs to be there when we need it.

Here’s 3 ways to make cloud more boring:

#1 Rock solid reliability

I’ve heard it said that this isn’t so important.  After all, we can now build high availability (HA) into our cloud-based apps. But the truth is even cloud-native workloads need a solid cloud infrastructure to run on. The cloud services need to be there when we need them.  And if we’re going to host more legacy or business-critical workloads on our cloud, we’ll need the same reliability we’ve been used to from our traditional data center IT.

No surprise then that the recently announced SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 delivers HA from the cloud infrastructure all the way up to the workloads.  With non-disruptive upgrades and a longer, more business-oriented release cycle, the emphasis is on maximizing uptime and productivity.

#2 Optimize and protect IT investments

Choosing the right cloud strategy for your business is really key here.

We now live in a multi-cloud world and tailoring the right mix of private, public or even hybrid cloud can help bridge the gap between our traditional IT and our new, more agile cloud-native IT environments. Picking a private cloud platform that supports all the Virtual Machines (VMs) and hypervisors we use today, and that runs on all our existing hardware, will help us do this.  It makes it easier to move existing workloads to the cloud for efficiency improvements. It also makes the most of our existing IT for investment protection. Check out SUSE OpenStack Cloud to see how we can help with this.

We also get to adjust the mix of CAPEX and OPEX to best suit our business needs.

Doesn’t sound very exciting does it?  But it’s what keeps us all in business: making the most of the investments we’ve already made and doing more with the tight IT budgets we have right now.

#3 World-class support

Support sounds so boring, doesn’t it?  Until you need it.  Then it’s not boring at all.  And when you need support, you need the best available. SUSE is a pioneer of open source enterprise-grade software solutions.  We’ve been providing world-class Linux support for over 20 years.

OpenStack cloud is built on Linux.  A third of all VMs on Azure and three quarters of all VMs on AWS are reported to be Linux.  The truth is we want to run our workloads where we want, when we want and how we want.  That’s why SUSE’s “bring your own subscription” offering really pays dividends, making it easier to transfer Linux support to wherever it’s needed, whether that’s for a physical, virtual or cloud platform. And for SUSE OpenStack Cloud, we provide support for the whole solutions stack.

Of course, cloud computing provides plenty of opportunity for excitement too.

If you’re at SUSECON this week, you’ll find a stack of sessions on cloud related topics.  Pop by the Technology Showcase to talk to some of our experts.

What about 3 ways to make cloud more exciting?

I guess we’ll have to leave that for a future blog.

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