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3 Reasons to Choose SUSE Linux for SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems


If you’re following the SAP roadmap then you’re probably focusing on transforming your operations and processes to become a digital business now or, hopefully, in the not too distant future. Even though ultimately the SAP S/4HANA infrastructure is simpler because it eliminates support for relational database options by 2025, you still have to choose a platform. Maybe you want the security and control of continuing to deploy your SAP systems on-premise. Or perhaps you need the rapid deployment with no new capital expense that you get with public cloud implementations. Or maybe you’re considering a hybrid of the two. In all cases, SUSE has an ideal solution that works consistently for any of these options that you choose.

When it comes to on-premise SAP HANA deployments, you can choose from a number of server platforms, but only two Linux distributions. Over the last 3 years, 1,500+ businesses have chosen to deploy SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications. Yes, it’s true that SUSE got a competitive head start by being the only Linux distribution to support “HANA on Power” for the first couple of years. But, I can give you 3 good reasons why you should seriously consider deploying SAP HANA on SUSE’s unique distribution for SAP environments, even if you’re currently using Red Hat Enterprise Linux for other applications.

Reason #1: SUSE Leadership and Innovation

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the first and leading OS for SAP HANA, with an estimated 95% of all deployments. Now some people have said that this is because SAP and SUSE are two German companies that are a few hours train ride apart geographically. There’s much more to it than that. Our commitment to collaborating with SAP includes having six engineers dedicated to working in the SAP LinuxLab to support their software development and test on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. We also have over 80 SAP Champions who have the expertise to work with you and IBM on any project, proof-of-concept or workshop involving SAP solutions on your Power servers. But it doesn’t stop there. SAP is not only a partner with SUSE they are also a customer. SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform, SAP Enterprise Cloud and SAP HANA Express VMs are a few solutions that they build and deliver on SUSE software.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications delivers a resilient and high-performance OS for SAP systems. It also includes some innovative features that we developed specifically for SAP HANA and NetWeaver environments including:

  • Configuration and tuning agents, which reduce the time and effort to configure SAP applications and SAP HANA for optimal performance.
  • SAP HANA resource agents to automate the failover and recovery of a primary SAP HANA system to a secondary system.
  • An Installation Wizard, which reduces the time and effort to install both the OS and the SAP software stack with high availability from days to hours.
  • System security features to protect SAP systems from unauthorized access to in-memory and storage data.
  • A 512 TB virtual address space that supports large SAP HANA databases on IBM Power servers with IBM PowerVM
  • Workload Memory Protection keeps Linux kernel cache management from degrading SAP application performance.
  • SAP S/4HANA transition support for x86-64 server administrators who are used to Microsoft Windows Server to ease the transition to Linux on IBM Power systems
  • SUSE Connect provides a marketplace for trial software and services from SUSE and SAP partners.


Reason #2: Superior HA solutions for SAP systems

Your SAP systems are probably mission-critical. This will certainly be true as SAP S/4HANA delivers its promise to unify access to your operational data for real-time access by the people who need it. That’s why SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications has always included our HA/DR solution SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension. This makes it faster to configure SAP system clusters from any combination of physical and virtual servers.

It’s also fully integrated with the SAP HANA resource agents and the Installation Wizard I mentioned above for both seamless installation, and easy manual configuration and updates. It can configure not just one, but all of the SAP HANA high availability failover scenarios supported by SAP. And SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is on a very short list of solutions that are certified to manage SAP NetWeaver clusters. You can see the complete list of SAP-certified solutions here.


Reason #3: Management tools that run on Power Systems

SUSE Manager gives your Linux and SAP Basis administrators a single tool to automate the installation, inventory management, patch management, and configuration management. This helps your admins to be sure that all of your SAP systems have the latest security patches. It runs on and manages IBM POWER-based servers so you don’t have to have a rogue x86 server in the data center just to manage your systems.

Now when it comes to fixing Linux security vulnerabilities, SUSE has the perfect solution. SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching can fix most security and stability problems in the Linux kernel while the systems are running. You don’t have to reboot your servers taking down your critical SAP systems to install the patch. In fact, your users won’t even see a slow-down in performance. And yes, it also runs on IBM Power servers

So when you’re evaluating which Linux to run on IBM Power Systems for your SAP environments, remember that SUSE provides a Linux solution designed specifically for SAP HANA and S/4HANA. We also deliver additional products that are that are ideal for mission-critical SAP systems.

To learn more, be sure to register for the SAPinsider webinar “Start Your Journey to SAP S/4HANA in 3 Easy Steps” sponsored by SUSE and IBM. The webinar is on Thursday, September 20, 2018 at 11:00 am US Eastern Time.

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