SUSE Templates

Corporate templates ensure brand consistency when it comes to presentations, standard literature, business cards, signage and other marketing materials. The following section provides you with links to download the templates as well as instructions on how to use them.

Presentation Template

Template Usage

We have created a presentation template you can use for internal and external presentations. The template is simple by design and allows consistent promotion of the SUSE brand. Please use the approved template only. We have also created a Tips & Tricks document to assist you in using the template.



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Standard Business

Use the standard SUSE business template for non-promotional documents that do not fall under the scope of standard literature, such as FAQ documents. Although we generally reserve these templates for internal use, you can use them externally for documents that don't fall within standard-collateral categories.





Business Cards

How to Order Business Cards

The following links take you to sites from which you can order (and re-order) business cards. You'll use a form to specify the information you want your card to present. The order site allows you to view a true proof of your card. Your physical cards will look exactly like the proof, so please don't skip the proofing step. Use it to make any corrections or changes before printing.


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What is Standard Collateral?

You should create all standard literature by working with the MARCOM team. All standard literature should focus on products, solutions, services or partnerships and should have a shelf life of six months or longer.

Types of standard literature:
Customer Success Story
Case Study
Top Reasons
White Paper
Conversation Card




Standard Collateral Process

Please follow the MARCOM process to the right. Doing so will simplify the creation process, avoid duplication of work and ensure a consistent look and high-quality localization. As a result, we'll produce instantly recognizable and compelling literature worldwide.


Plan around crunch times. The weeks surrounding large corporate events are particularly busy. Please make allowances in your content creation schedules.

6 Steps
Begin by defining the objective, target audience and messaging for the product, solution, service or partnership. Make sure this information is well defined and comprehensive and that everyone on the offering (product, solution or service) team has signed off on it.
Upon receiving this information, your MARCOM project manager will arrange for a writer-editor to create content for the required standard literature or web pages.

The MARCOM project manager and other members of the team will participate in content reviews.

The MARCOM project manager will submit the content first for legal review, then to layout and, finally, to production. Be aware that reviews and revisions may occur at each of these steps and that the process length varies depending on the objective and type of piece.

Localization (translation) typically takes the same amount of time as the writing, legal review, design and production process. Contact Andra Banister for questions about localization.

For your printing needs, please use the print-ready PDF and arrange to use a printer in the area near you. If you have additional printing questions or needs, please contact Scott Corfield at

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Writing SUSE Content

SUSE communications must convey the SUSE story with a single voice and consistent style. We need to use both content and format to accomplish this. Only then will our marketing, promotional and sales programs build the SUSE brand, create confidence and strengthen our current position in the industry.


Please contact MARCOM when creating standard literature. They will help you create an outline, write the piece and move it through production.

Writing style checklist

When writing about SUSE follow these criteria, which are detailed in SUSE Writing Guidelines.

  • Write with the customer in mind
  • Organize purposefully
  • Use a positive tone
  • Write to express, not to impress
  • Avoid buzzwords, jargon and clichés
  • Use strong verbs
  • Be clear, concise and complete

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External Emails

With each email communication you send, you have another powerful opportunity to promote one or more of our our brands. Our Email Builder tool can help you make the most of these opportunities. You should use the tool to create the email communication and then it will prompt you to send the communication through our customer/partner email system.

Related Info
Email Builder
You can create your email with our builder.

Internal Emails

We use internal email banners to create a uniform approach to common internal communications. Please insert these banners at the opening of your sales related internal emails.

Email Signatures

Email communications, both internal and external, are powerful opportunities to promote the SUSE brand. When sending HTML emails, include the approved logo. To ensure we present the brand consistently, use the approved logo in all your business-related HTML emails. Add an approved signature to your email communication by selecting and copying the signature you want and pasting your selection in your email client.


Some countries legally require additional elements in email signatures. If Legal has previously asked you to include specific information in your signature, please continue to follow those instructions.

  • If you are on Microsoft Exchange
    1. Copy the signature below.
    2. Go to your Exchange inbox, click File › Options › Mail › Signatures › Email Sig › New.
    3. Paste the signature into the text box and edit the copy to your information.
    4. When finished, click OK.
  • If you are on GroupWise
    1. Copy the secondary (non-image based) signature.
    2. Go to your GroupWise inbox, click Accounts › Account Options › Properties › Signature.
    3. Paste the signature into the text box and edit the copy to your information.
    4. When finished, click OK.

Standard Signature

Here is the standard SUSE signature that you can add to all company-related emails you send.


Working across both brands—which guidelines should I follow?
Employees that support work across both brands should default to the Micro Focus standard, unless undertaking duties that are clearly aligned to SUSE, in which case the SUSE standard should be applied.


Copy signature below

John A. Doe
Director, Product Marketing
Address 2
(P)+1 123.456.7890
(F)+1 123.456.7890

Copy signature below

John A. Doe
Director, Product Marketing
Address 2
(P)+1 123.456.7890
(F)+1 123.456.7890

Promotional and Event Signature

We encourage all employees to add the SUSECON messaging to your signature on all company-related emails you send 6 months prior and leading up to our annual SUSECON customer conference.


Copy signature below

John A. Doe
Director, Product Marketing
(P)+1 123.456.7890
(F)+1 123.456.7890

Copy signature below

John A. Doe
Director, Product Marketing
(P)+1 123.456.7890
(F)+1 123.456.7890
SUSECon 2015
Register at

Social Signature

Social media has become an important vehicle not only to communicate to our current and potential customers, but also to promote the SUSE brand. Please use the following SUSE social links when appropriate.

Social add-on

Copy signature below and add below standard signature

twitter linkedin facebook youtube

Telephone and Voicemail Greetings

Updating your voicemail greetings with the latest SUSE brand positioning helps share our positioning statement with people that reach your voicemail. We recommend updating your greeting to ensure that past branding efforts and taglines are removed. Please update your voicemail with the following:

Corporate Sample
Thank you for calling SUSE, a pioneer in open source software. You've reached the voicemail for [name] [optional to insert title]. I cannot take your call at this time so please leave your name and number and I will return your call as soon as I can.

Generic Sample
Thank you for calling SUSE. We are unable to take your call at this time. Please leave your name, number, and the best time to reach you, and we will return your call as quickly as possible.

Personal Sample
You've reached [name] [optional to insert title] at SUSE. I'm out of the office or on another line. Please leave your preferred contact information, the best time to reach you, and how I can help. Thanks for calling and have a great day!

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For a polished and consistent look, all SUSE videos should use the standard opening and closing segments. Download these standard SUSE-branded bookend segments here. Use the opening segment at the beginning of your video and the closing segment at the end.