SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 for IBM POWER

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Tools to Determine and Set CPUfreq Settings

To make access to the Linux kernel cpufreq subsystem easier for users and cpufreq userspace tools, the cpufrequtils package was created. It contains a library used by other programs (libcpufreq), command line tools to determine current CPUfreq settings and to modify them (cpufreq-info and cpufreq-set), and debug tools.

Except for packages subject to a commercial license, the license identified below is the license designated by the open source project.jar
Version: 004
Release: 35.20
Path: suse/ppc64/cpufrequtils-32bit-004-35.20.ppc64.rpm
Group: System/Base
License: GPL v2 or later
Size: 92 KB

File list

-rw-r--r--    1 root    root            63616 Feb 23 22:38 /usr/lib/libcpufreq.a 
-rw-r--r--    1 root    root              934 Feb 23 22:38 /usr/lib/ 
lrwxrwxrwx    1 root    root               19 Feb 23 22:38 /usr/lib/ -> 
lrwxrwxrwx    1 root    root               19 Feb 23 22:38 /usr/lib/ -> 
-rwxr-xr-x    1 root    root            30396 Feb 23 22:38 /usr/lib/ 


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